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Retail tea & coffee offer only tea or coffee powder. Premix will ensure you have sugar, instant tea powder & milk powder mixed together to give you a perfect cup.

Digital counters are used in the machines to check drink-wise/day-wise usage.

Our machine does hourly hot water flush to ensure every cup of tea & coffee tastes fresh & hygienic. The tea & coffee decoction jars are cleaned every day to ensure the highest quality.

Fresh milk is poured in a heater and heated to above 80oC in order to ensure the milk is microbiologically safe throughout the day and is used for making tea.

Automatic multiple cut-off devices are used to prevent overheating/fire in the machine.

No, it is not unhealthy. Instead of milk, we add dairy whitener with milk solids and less fat. Since tea premixes are instant & tea leaves take longer to brew, we add instant tea powder. Just like how sugar, fresh milk and tea powder are added in homemade tea, in premix tea, all these ingredients are used to make an instant mix & quick tea.

Yes, it is totally safe. This pouch has been tested in extreme conditions (as per IS 9845) and safety cleared for any toxicity. The concept is the same as boilable ready-to-eat food pouches.

Yes, machine can be programmed as per product requirement.

Once in day. Cleaning with hot water and VIM liquid is required for all components where product passes.

Energy consumption depends on the number of cups dispensed in a day.
Connected load for:
Fresh Milk machine is 5KW.
Premix machine is 2.5KW.

BEAN-TO-CUP: Up to 140 cups.
PREMIX TEA & COFFEE: Every 80 cups

Yes. A minimum of 25 Kgs needs to be purchased.

Cardamom Tea, Lemon Tea, Masala Tea, Coffee, Low Sugar Coffee, Normal Sugar Dairy Whitener, Low Sugar Dairy Whitener, Soup. Tea Bags : Plain/Flavour/Green Tea

These machines will dispense tea & coffee that taste similar to homemade tea. Tea & coffee powders are brewed with hot water & are mixed with fresh hot milk to give a tasty brew.

Fresh Milk in this context is a set of milk packets bought from either local shops/vendors or neighbourhood retailers

Fresh milk: 250 cups per day per machine
Premix: 95 cups per day per machine

Fresh milk machine:Employee count. Consumable model or per cup billing pattern. Need for a distributor to supply milk. Milk storage facility. Machine operator.
Premix Machine:Employee count. 2 lane or 4 lane. Consumable or per cup. Power back-up for both.

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